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Accompanied Deployment - Hostile Environment Awareness Training - Ukraine (HEAT-UA)

Accompanied Deployment - Hostile Environment Awareness Training - Ukraine (HEAT-UA)

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The "Accompanied" option to our HEAT-U training package provides you with full-time support and security whilst in Ukraine. Juliet9 offers:

  • Fully accompanied travel and logistics within Ukraine including
    • Unit & Agency access for visits, interviews and embeds - On request
    • High-profile interview facilitation
    • Complete medical & security cover whilst in-country
    • All travel itinerary planning including checkpoints and borders
    • Personal interpreter 
    • Satellite comms available upon request

HEAT-UA is a bespoke package which requires at least two weeks' notice prior to planned deployment. Please make contact ASAP to begin the process.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) has been a staple training package for almost every journalist or humanitarian aid worker since the 1990s. Often generic and rarely tailored to the specific theatre or threat the delegates may face, Juliet9 has re-designed the HEAT training concept with one area of operation in mind; Ukraine.

Our re-designed HEAT course is known as HEAT-U and HEAT-UA - Ukraine Environment Awareness Training (Accompanied Deployment) - and uniquely focuses on the threats in the Ukraine theatre and is delivered by a variety of Juliet 9 Group Instructors who have a myriad of experience in the current conflict and many, many more before.

The “Accompanied” option is also totally unique in the landscape of HEAT delivery as we are also in the position to escort media and NGO groups over the Polish or Romanian borders to Kyiv and onward to front-line units for their media gathering activities. Juliet9 has been working with these units since the start of the conflict and due to their high-level access, navigates the multiple military checkpoints with ease, to get you to where you need to be. And back again.

Access to high-profile Ukrainian politicians and commanders can also be arranged upon request and with the right accompanying credentials.

Training Location

Eastern Europe (EU) country with a shared border with Ukraine.

Your training location is kept confidential until full payment has been received and the delegate has been vetted for suitability of attendance. Joining Instructions will be sent with full travel options on deposit.

HEAT-U - Outline Training Programme


  • Arrival and Introduction
  • Aim of the Course, what it is and is not.
  • Outline of the Medical Training throughout the course, to include RTCs, ballistic injuries, basic life support and health & hygiene)to UK based Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) First Person on the Scene (Intermediate) (FPOS-I) Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS).
  • Orientation and Brief on the War in Ukraine and the work of Juliet9.
  • Threat Assessment, Task Planning & Mitigation Based on UA, teach individuals to conduct assessments which will prevent unnecessary exposure to threats. Develop an understanding of which countermeasures to use in order to reduce the level of risk in UA.
  • Personal Security & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Overexposure to risk often creates complacency towards personal security. Outline the importance of personal security and vigilance. Each student is placed through a series of scenarios and exercises that demonstrate the importance of personal security and how to gauge what is appropriate.
  • Information Security: Information security and assurance is routinely exploited by Russia and others; demonstrate and advises best practice in countering the threat posed
  • Day One Medical Training-Introduction and the Basics


  • Ukraine and Russia/Regional cultural Awareness & Gender Specific Considerations;
  • UA Military ranks and units.
  • Conflict Management: Local customs and traditions can make our established practices ineffective in a hostile location. Ignorance of local customs and the inability to correctly deal with conflict can lead to personal harm or death. This will have a focus on Ukraine and its customs to enable an effective working environment.
  • PTES and PTSD: Improving awareness of Post Traumatic and Environmental Stress (PTES) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Frontier Risks teach students how to recognise this in themselves and others.
  • Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and UXO (unexploded ordnance) awareness and familiarisation: We understand the need for individuals to understand how to manage themselves and others in areas that pose a threat from such devices.
  • Day Two Medical Training; Theory and Practise (contd)


  • Staying Alive in Captivity: How best to survive such ordeals and how to recover afterwards.
  • Radio and Voice Communications: In the event of a crisis your communication systems become critical to enable casualty management or emergency evacuation situations. Familiarisation with UA procedures and systems with Juliet9.
  • CBRNe (WMD) Awareness Training: Insight for students and awareness surrounding the dangers of operating in areas where a CBRNe threat exists and how best to protect against them.
  • Navigational Considerations: Taking the wrong turning in hostile environments can cause significant repercussions. We have industry leaders in navigation in urban and country areas that will provide the students with the skills to navigate safely and effectively in Ukraine and other environments.
  • Use of trackers and emergency beacons/comms devices (E.g. Garmin Mini)


  • Travel Planning & Journey Management Principles (including vehicle safety, convoys and vehicle recovery): Travel in Ukraine can be perilous. This element of the course ensures that students are able to recognise the most appropriate method of travel, pre-plan and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to reduce the risk posed by travelling with Juliet9.
  • Counter and Anti-Surveillance: Very rarely is it the case that foreigners are targeted indiscriminately whilst operating abroad in complex environments. It is however sometimes the case that an aggressor may conduct surveillance of their intended subject, particularly in Ukraine. We will teach students a basic level of awareness and the countermeasures required.
  • Weapons Recognition, UAV Recognition & Familiarisation: The ability to recognise and understand the capability of certain weapons, drones will enable individuals to make reasoned decisions. Effective risk assessment relies on knowledge to inform decision-making. This serial will be based on Ukraine and Russian equipment and drones used in Theater. 
  • Live weapon familiarisation. (Live) Weapon Systems Covered:
    • AK Platform
      • SDV Sniper
    • AR Platform
    • SCAR platform
    • Soviet-era pistols
    • Glock & Sig Pistols

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