About Us

Juliet9 was formed in late 2022 by a group of ex-NATO military professionals who have been involved with the Ukraine war since it started in 2014 as well as many other conflicts around the world in the past 25 years.

Juliet9 was established as a result of the formation (and subsequent demise) of many of the well-meaning but badly run international support groups that formed and flocked to Ukraine in early 2022. Many of these have courted the press recently due to murky [often charitable] finances and infighting within their leadership that have only resulted in a loss of focus for those involved, embarrassment for those they were supposed to be assisting and propaganda for the Russian War Machine.

Juliet9, therefore, steps away from these types of organisations which are often accused of mercenary activities by both sides (despite mostly being unarmed) and by defining our role of support at “J9” or Civil-Military Co-Operation we endeavour to help those trying to tell the stories of the people of Ukraine, not be part of it ourselves.